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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Going Green

Photo by Leland Davis
Over the past couple of days, I have been stumbling across multiple references to environmentally-friendly clothes and lifestyle choices. Even how 'green' Hollywood really is has been the subject of the media.

So, here are a few of these article and videos for you to check out. Afterwards, please give me YOUR feelings about them, and 'going green' in general. Any tips and suggestions you have based upon your own 'green' efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Watch the trailer for the documentary by Anderson Cooper titled, "Planet in Peril".

Green fashion pros and cons discussed in this short video from CNN. Interesting and useful products and tips.

How 'green' is Hollywood really? These two videos reveal some interesting facts about that very issue. The first one is from March 2007. The second one is from October 2007.

From October 2007, a quick look at the best eco-friendly destinations for travelers.

An organization dedicated to helping people de-clutter and recycle at the same time is Freecycle. There are groups set up all over the world, and each is listed on the website.

Environmentally-friendly electronics are spotlighted in this video from Reuters.

Talk show host and magazine publisher Oprah has done some shows about becoming more environmentally-aware. Check out this information on what you and your family can do today to be more 'green'.

Health.Com has this great article jam-packed with resources and information for those interested in learning how to become more environmentally-friendly.

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