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Friday, October 5, 2007

Being Called a Hate Mongeror & Anti-Gay

Today, I took my son to get a haircut. While he was inside, I sat in the SUV and was cleaning the dashboard and such with some wipes I had purchased the day before. I was listening to music, and just having a peacefully pleasant time when something caught my eye.

From the corner of my eye, some sudden movement in the rear-view mirror caught my attention. Two women stopped behind my SUV and began LOUDLY commenting on a bumper sticker I have on it. I have tinted windows, so I get the impression they did not know anyone was in the vehicle as they carried on their commentary.

The bumper sticker is from a few years back when the Gay Marriage issue was such a hotly debated topic. I got it from the 700 Club.

I understand others may have differing opinions. I embrace that. I respect that. Am I anti-gay? Of course not. Over the span of my lifetime I have had many gay friends and co-workers. A boyfriend's gay brother died of aids, and it was a horrific thing to bear witness to. He was surprised when I first found out about his brother that it didn't make me want to stop dating HIM. That is what he was used to. It never stopped me from dating him, or going to his parents' home where his brother was dying.

I ate there, I used the restroom there, I hung out there, I spent time around his brother there. My heart broke for my boyfriend and his family, and there were times I cried when I got home over what I had seen of his brother's suffering.

One of my best friends in high school was (is) gay.

One former co-worker (a gay man) and I used to hang out and joke about our 'agreement' to stay away from each other's men. LOL.

I love all (ok, most. . .can't say I feel a lot of love for mass murderers, rapists, terrorists, etc. . .but I digress) people and I would give my own life to protect the rights we have in this country to be unique individuals with differing beliefs and ideas. . .even when they are in conflict. I value YOUR rights just as much as I value my own.

On the topic of Gay marriage, however, I stand by the bumper sticker's sentiment. I do not believe marriage should be legal for gays. I'm sorry if that bothers you, and I am sorry if it hurts your feelings, but it is how I believe and feel.

I am part of the Christian segment of the population which is not anti-gay, but is very much pro-God's word; and we know according to God's word that homosexuality is an 'abomination' (biblical wording used). Anything that is against the word of God can be called an 'abomination' actually. Anything against His word is offensive to Him. Call it evil, call it wicked, call it sinful, call it wrong: call it whatever you want. Whenever we cross that line and go against what He has commanded of us, we are in the wrong.

I cannot, in good conscious, support something which is contrary to God's law. I can't. I am not perfect; and I am just as big a sinner and flawed human as everyone else. This is just how I feel, how I believe, and how I live my life.

You may be different and you have the right to be so.

So, these two women were loudly making disparaging remarks about ME (not the bumper sticker or sentiment: ME) and walked away, still loudly spewing venomous judgments against me.

Were they gay? I don't know. I don't care.

What I do know is that this really bothered me. Not because they were angry over my bumper sticker; but because they were classing me as the judgmental bigot for expressing an opinion they did not like about a topic; all the while they were making some pretty seriously offensive and disparaging comments about me personally.

It begs the question: in this day and age of politically correct hogwash, does anyone really know and understand what bigotry really is anymore?

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